Get Involved

The Ota Initiative is launching it’s this program this December and you can help make it happen! With a budget of just $1500 for this upcoming program, the cost per student comes down to $60. For just $60, one of Kayanga’s children will have access to hands-on arts, science, and leadership education that they would otherwise not be exposed to. I encourage you to visit this webpage of our sponsor, Amizade Global Service-Learning, and consider donating $60 to Ota in order to sponsor the cost of one child to attend our upcoming program. You can also donate $120 to cover the cost of a child to attend Ota’s programs for an entire year. Really though, with a budget of just $1500, any amount you can contribute will make a difference!

Note that Amizade Global-Service Learning  is a registered 501(c)3 and is handling the finances for this project. This means all of your donations will be tax deductible!

If you are interested in our project but cannot support us financially at this time, please check back here for weekly updates on the project so you can follow the work we are doing. You can also follow us on Facebook. We also enjoy hearing from other education enthusiasts about what fun ideas they may have for how to improve our programming.

Whichever way you chose support this project, we thank you and hope that you enjoy watching it grow as much as we will.


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